Current AI Sires


For 2010 Calves:

LT WESTERN EDGE 4057 PLD   M686616
2016 EPD’s   BW -0.1   WW 35  YW 70  MILK 19 MTNL 36
Sire: LT Western Spur 2061 M645786       Dam: LT Duchess of Mac 7076P F792993

An AICA Yearling Weight, Maternal Milk, and Multiple Trait Leader.  He had a 834 pound weaning weight and a 1469 yearling.  He is Homozygous polled.     We visited the LT Ranch in South Dakota in 2008, and were very impressed with the uniformity of the cattle.   We decided to add the LT genetics to our herd through AI.   Western Edge is one of the few bulls that could match our Duke Stone for EPD’s in all categories.   We have used two of his sons and their daughters are great. Our Perfect Edge sire is his son.

M6 GRID MAKER 104PET   M633377 
2016 EPD’s   BW 0.5   WW 31  YW 63 MILK 17  MTNL 33
Sire: WCR Sir Tradition 066   M318119         Dam: VCR Miss Mac IV 317   F665163

An AICA  Milk Trait Leader and has been a Multiple Trait Leader.   His daughters are gaining a reputation as outstanding brood cows, there are 1170 of them in production.   We find this an important trait for us to look at because of our relatively small herd.    He is also an outcross pedigree for us. He is the sire to Endsley’s Carmen 022, the dam to our two Rancher sons.

For 2013 to 2016 Calves:

We continuw to use AI to get out of herd genetics. We have been using the following:

CJC TRADEMARK H45     M488766
2016 EPD’s   BW 2.4   WW 31   YW 58   MILK 10   MTNL 25
Sire: LHD Ali Mark T214   M260394       Dam: CJC Ms Perfect F57   F786898

A very well known DeBruycker bull that we used in the mid 2000′s. We decided that we really liked the daughters that we have out of him from then, and decided to start using him again.  He is polled with scurs. Our Endsley’s Ridge Mark 267 s is his son.

LT LONG DISTANCE 9001  PLD             M780143
2013 EPD’s     BW -4.3    WW 19    YW 39    MILK 19     MTNL 29
Sire: LT Silver Distance 5342P   M707559                  Dam: LT Belle 7026 P   F1069133

A proven calving ease sire, who is also a high milk EPD sire. We felt he would compliment the other bulls we are using. He is homozygous polled.

2016 EPD’s    BW 2.2    WW 24     YW 54     MILK 19      MTNL 32
Sire:Schurrtop Ease 8953 PLD    M441372     Dam:Schurrtop ML 6056 1184P  F765879

Bred by the Schurr Brothers of Nebraska, a herd that is highly thought of in the commercial cattle world. Another outcross, polled bull, with solid EPDs. He is the sire of Endsley’s Schurr Grid 310 and Endsley’s Rancher 410.

LT BLUE VALUE 7903 ET EM745516
2016 EPD’s BW -.8 WW 32 YW 53 MILK 11 MTNL 27
Sire:LT Bluegrass4017P M686569 Dam:LT Unlimited Maid 7184P F93032

Another LT bull we choose for his balanced EPD’s and reputation for calving ease. We calved some his daughters this year and like their calves. He is homozygous polled

2016 EPD’s BW 3.3 WW 16 YW 19 MILK 13 MTNL 21
Sire:LHD Cigar E46 M434790 Dam:LHD Smoothdeal E534 F756440

Hudsperth Farms of Arkansas have found his daughters to be very good. We are hoping to add some outcross female genetics to our herd.

LT LEDGER 0332 P M791626
2016 EPD’s BW -1.1 WW 33 YW 71 MILK 8 MTNL 24
Sire:LT Bluegrass 4017 P M686569 Dam:LT Brenda 6120 PLD F1046992

He topped the 2011 LT Bull Sale at $105,000. His calves are creating as much excitment as he did. He is homozygous polled.

2016 EPD’s BW 2.7 WW 46 YW 77 MILK 3 MNTL 26
Sire:LHD Bosque S1195 M735014 Dam:JDJ Ms Spur R120 F1032757

Another good DeBruycker bull we are using for the outcross genetics. We have been using him on heifer and find him a calving ease sire in spite of his birth weight EPD. His calves are thick and growthy.