Current Sires

2016 EPD’s   BW 0.2   WW 35    YW 64   MILK 6    MTNL 2
Sire: VCR Duke 914   M297007            Dam: BE Ashley  281   F629991
(bred by Boyd Endsley)

We call him our “everything in one package”  sire.   He was an AICA Multiple Trait  Leader, an honor he earned from 2007 to 2010 & in 2012.    He also was a Yearling Trait Leader in 2007, 2008,  2010 and 2011.    Duke Stone is the bull we have worked to breed.   He walked the pasture at age 10 and looked great.   In 2013, we bred 68 daughters and 60 of his granddaughter, out of 180+ cows.  We have permanately retired him and are using him AI.   His calves’  birth weights made him a calving ease sire.   Their weaning and yearling weights make him a performance bull.   His daughters in production are proving him as a maternal sire.    His dam was an AICA Dam of Distinction and out of one of our best cow families.  See more about her in our female herd section.     Duke Stone had a weaning weight of  770, index 117, and a  yearling weight of 1319, index 112.     He was polled with scurs.    Semen is available from this great sire at $20 a straw and $25 signing fee.

(Duke Stone 257)

2016  EDP’s      BW   1.6   WW 33  YW 54   MILK 10    MTNL 27
Sire: Endsley’s Duke Stone 257   M641628       Dam: EE Veda  294   F951544
(bred by Eric Endsley)

We wanted to preserve the Duke Stone breeding and looked for a son that we thought would be as good or maybe even better.  Endsley’s Stone’s Image 748 was an AICA 2011 Spring Mutiple Trait leader, following his sire’s footsteps. His dam is one of our best Abbe WCR A Gust of Wind daughters.  She has had 6 calves with an average weaning index of 105.5.  Her dam had an average of 105.9 on 9 calves and they are members of the  “Elly” cow family mentioned in our female section.  Stone’s Image had a weaning weight of 857,  111 index, and a yearling weight of 1446, 109 index. We retired him in 2013. Stone’s Image was polled.

 (Stone’s Image)

2016 EPD’s   BW 2  WW 35   YW  79  MILK   5  MTNL  23
Sire: Polled Divine S217P   M723141       Dam:  Polled Miss Value Mac   F1046125

We purchased this bull out of the 2010 Michigan Cattlemen’s Bull Test, where he had the highest weight per day of all the bulls  in this multi-breed test, at 3.66 pounds.   He gained 4.15 pounds per day on test, placing him 6th over all.   He had an adjusted REA of  14.03 with a 226 square inch pelvis.    His adjusted weaning weight was 810 pounds and his yearling was 1376  pounds.    Bred by Pat White of Allegan,  Michigan, we found this bull’s potential to add to our herd was great.  He was polled.     UPDATE- Unfortunately, Double Value was injured during the 2011 breeding season. We had some outstanding calves that were born in 2011 and had  a few born in 2012.   We find his daughters are an asset to our herd.

ENDSLEY’S PERFECT EDGE 057              M789514
2016 EPD’s     BW 0.7    WW 20    YW 50    MILK 20     MTNL 32
Sire: LT Western Edge 4057 PLD   M686616     Dam: Endsley’s Calida 418  F1001661

We are impressed with the Western Edge cattle we have produced, so we looked for a son to use on our Duke Stone line. Perfect Edge comes from one of our best cow families. His dam and granddam were AICA Dams of Distinction. His dam weaned 9 calves and has an average index of 104.9. Her dam  weaned 10 and had an 105.6 average. His milk EPD is in the top 4% of the breed.   Perfect Edge had a 760 pound adjusted weaning weight and his yearling was 1352  pounds.  His calves are easy calving and have great performance..  He is polled. Update: We are more excited about “Ed” every year. The calving ease has continued and the growth is tops. His daughters are extremely easy keeping cows that are doing a great job for us. He passes his gentle temperment on to his off spring(Perfect Edge

(Perfect Edge 057)>

ENDSLEY’S EDGE GUY O24                        M789493
2016  EPD’s          BW 1        WW 32             YW 38    MILK 11     MTNL 28
Sire: LT Western Edge 4057 PLD   M686616     Dam:Endsley’s Hadria 313  F976051

When the Polled Value bull got hurt, we again chose a Western Edge son out of a solid cow family. His dam  weaned 8 calves for us and has a 103.5 average. Edge Guy had a 717 pound adjusted weaning weight and a yearling weight of 1211. His first two calf crops calved easy and are growthy. We had to decide between keeping him and the “Ed” bull. We decided to keep the bull we picked out 1st so the 2014 calves were his last. We are finding his daughters are good cows and will value him for that. He was polled

ENDSLEY’S RIDGE MARK 267 S                     M818652
2016 EPD’s   BW -.3    WW 35    YW 49    MILK 11      MTNL 28
Sire: CJC Trademark H45 M488766                Dam:Endsley’s Dyann 734 F1069585

We were looking for a good Trademark son and this bull really stood out. His dam was a stylish Baldridge Kojack daughter that weaned off 5 calves with an average index of 103. Mark had an adjusted weaning weight of 786 and his yearling was 1328. “Mark” has met our expectations with his calves.  We retired him at the end of 2015. He was polled/scurs.

2016 EPD’s BW 2.2 WW 37 YW 73 MILK 16 MTNL 34
Sire: Schurrtop HCR Rancher M 474774 Dam: Endsley’s Carmen 022 F1116414

Cow families make good bulls and this young sire is out of one of our best. His granddam just calved at 13 and has always been at the top. His dam is following her with style. Carmen is a M6 Grid Maker that we love. Schurr Grid had a 723 adjusted weaning weight and a 1257 yearling. He got hurt late in the 2013 breeding season, but his 2015 calves came easy and then they grew. Carmen gave us a replacement – her 2014 calf is a full brother we used. Scurr Grid was polled.

2016 EPD’s BW 2.9 WW 35 YW 74 MILK 17 MTNL 35
Sire:Schurrtop HCR Rancher M474774 Dam:Endsley’s Carmen 022 F1116414

Carmen’s second son has not disappointed us. His 2016 calves came easy and are really growing. Rancher had a 732 adjusted weaning weight and a yearling of 1330. Carmen is now an AICA Dam of Distinction. Rancher is polled.