Female Herd

   The base of our cow herd are daughters and  granddaughters of Endsley’s Equity 362 (M389440).    He was a son of HCR Senator 9052 out of our  “Elly” cow family.   His dam, her full  sister, and their dam were all AICA Dams of Distinction.  He was an AICA Milk Trait Leader in 2005,  2006, & 2007.   He was used natural  service until he was 10 and really left his mark on our female herd.

   We have used sons and a  grandson of Serendipity-Bond-007, the grandsire of the great NF Agatha  9851.   His son, NF Elliot 9515  (M427806), was an AICA yearling Trait Leader in 2002 & 2003.   Elliot’s son, Endsley’s Lazer Stone 182  (M617251), was also a Yearling Trait Leader in 2005, 2006, & 2007.

We  have used LT Wyoming Wind 4020, AI, and a son of his, Abbe WCR A Gust of Wind (M485984),  natural service.   We have also used  TW/Link Bud My Guy 002P, a RC Budsmydad 225 son, AI.  We like his daughters so well that we have  used two of his sons.  Endsley’s My Hi  Spade 329 (M662671), out of a Gust daughter, that was an AICA Dam of Distinction.   And, Endsley’s High Mark 628 (M725109), out  of a CJC Trademark H45 daughter, that is an outstanding cow.   We purchased a semen interest in HF Buds  Perfector KB433P (M606049), another Budsmydad out of an LHD Mr Perfect Y416  daughter.    His daughters were some of  our best females.   The Budsmydad female  line is making a good cow base for us now.

We  have used Baldridge Kojack 29, AI and have several daughters in  production.  They are very good cows that  are positively contributing to our cow herd.

Endsley’s Duke Stone 257, was a VCR Duke 914 son. He is out of the dam of Endsley’s Lazer Stone 182, BE Ashley 281.  She was  an outstanding cow that produced until 11.     She had 10 calves with an average weaning index of 106.4.   That qualified her to be an AICA Dam of  Distinction.    She came from our “Suzy”  cow family that has been one of our top families.   Her dam had an average of 101.3 on 4, next  dam back 107.5 on 11, next one back 102 on 13.     We have had over 100 of his daughters in production and are now using him AI.   Read more about this AICA Multiple Trait Leader bull in our Herd Sire  section.

The dam of our two Schurrtop Rancher sons comes from another of our best cow familes. Their granddam, Endsley’s Carmen 315, is a daughter of the TW/Link My Guy 002 P bull that gave us some tremendous cows. She just weaned her 15th calf at age 13. The dam of the bulls is Endsley’s Carmen 022, and she has just been given Dam of Distinction honors. She has weaned off five calves with an average weaning index of 107.5.

Over the years, we  have had  63 females qualify to be an AICA Dam of Distinction.  When you consider the fact that we only run about 135 cows, this is an impressive fact.    We use our performance record extensively to keep the kind of a cow herd  that can produce four AICA trait leaders.  Please feel free to come and visit us and see  what we think is an outstanding herd of Charolais cows.

Janie-Our First Diamond Dam of Distinction